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our philosophy

We at Progressive know how important it is to keep your equipment running and we will assist you in getting your truck fixed and back on the road as soon as possible. For this reason we offer 24/7 road service.


Our road service fleet consists of 6 mobile units equipped to perform minor and major repairs. 

Our team of mechanics are all experienced and certified for all trailer repairs. They have the capabilities to service any make or model. 


We believe if a repair is possible via road service than that repair should be made correctly on that road service. Too many companies out there perform what we call "patch work" when they go on a road service. "Patch work" is when the repair is not finished correctly and the customer eventually pays again to get it fixed right! Just a temporary fix that won't last long. Now not only did you pay twice but you are absorbing down time and that's lost revenue. This is why we have set all of our road service units with proper equipment to handle most major jobs. Temporary is secondary. Let Progressive do it right the first time!  


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